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The plant nursery "Staudenkuluren Hofer" exists since 1984 and is situated in Scezze close to Bressanone. We are the only company in South Tyrol which is specialised in the production and the sale of perennials.

The plant nursery is situated at 720m over sea level. This place is a suited for the production of all different kinds of perennials. Most of our perennials overwinter outside with a fleece cover. The most sensitive plants are kept in plastic tunnels.

The average annual production is one million perennials. Of these we propagate 50% vegetativly (cutting and division) and 50% generatively (seed). 70% of the young plants come from the in- house propagation. The resting 30% of our young plants are purchased from specialised companies.


The machine park of the plant nursery consists of one potting machine from the brand Mayer, one seeding machine, one machine to cut the plants, one tractor, one stacker and two small trucks.

The total area of the company is three hectars. Apart from the production area in Scezze we have also a quarter in Bressanone. In two greenhouses we cultivate the young plants, whereas 7 plastic tunnels are used for growing sensitive plants. The shade plants are kept under a shadow shelter.


Garden centres are our main customers (75%), whereas the resting 25% go to tree nurseries and landscape gardeners.

With our two small trucks we make the delivery in the surrounding regions. Additionally we work together with different trucking companies which take care of the delivery in the other regions.

Our markets are South Tyrol with 20%, followed by Austria with 10% and a smaller part delivered to Germany, Slovenia and to Switzerland. 60% of our deliveries go to the other regions in North Italy.