Delivery information


1. On  packaging unit (tray) is composed of 15 plants per variety or species. If you order less than a full tray per variety or species you will have to pay an additional charge. Our price list (available on request) is valid for orders consisting of more than 15 pieces per variety.
2. Delivery in perennial crates is also possible. Please note, that if you order perennials in crate, the packaging unit is 24 plants per variety or species.
3. In the summer and autumn months, perennials are also available in bigger pots (16-20 cm). These are sold piecewise. Get more information by contacting us.
4. At your request, we provide image labels with the plants. You have the choice of 15, 8 or 3 image labels per packaging unit.
5.The price list will be adjust to the selling conditions every year. Before the beginning of the season (automn of every year) the prices will be adjusted. They will be valid until the next edition of the price list.
6.We deliver our products in CC container (trolleys). On one CC container, there is space for 40 trays of 15 pieces per variety or species. The CC containers are exchanged.
7.We will deliver your order with our small trucks. If not possible, we work together with a truck companies which take care of your order and bring it to you.
8. Transport costs are based on the number of CC- container.
9. We also deliver plants on Euro- pallets. In this case, perennials are packed in crates of 24 pieces per variety or species.
10. The prices on our price list (available on request) are without VAT (10%).
11. Payment of the order has to be done within the time mentioned on the invoice.
12. We can take back the empty trays. Pots and damaged trays you have to be disposed by yourself. Thank you.
13. Normally we don't sell to private people. For gardeners and landscape gardeners the opening hours are from 8 till 12 o'clock and from 14 to 18 o'clock, Monday to Friday. In spring time we are also open Saturdays from 8 till 12 o'clock.