In the 60s, Andreas Hofer's father, Anton, started as a vegetable grower and changed slowly to the cultivation of ornamental plants.


In 1984 Andreas Hofer took over the company from his parents. After visiting different companies in Germany and in The Netherlands he decided to start with the production of perennials.


The company "Staudenkulturen Hofer" was the first plant nursery in Italy selling plants provided with image labels. As the plant nursery had a commercial success, it developed quickly and the production increased.

In 1992, the company expended its production by the acquisition of an area in Bressanone. The propagation and the consignment is still done from the mother company in Scezze.


In 2004 the plant nursery Hofer celebrated it 20 years anniversary. Customers from North Italy, Austria and Germany were invited to celebrate with us. In the same year, the production changed from 8x8 pots to the 9x9 pots. This system matches to the European standard and showed to be successful evolution.

In 2011 the company started renting a flat surface close to Bressanone. This area function as surface only for the production of vegetation blankets.


In 2012 the company started renting an almost 2 hectare big surface in the community of Varna. The advantage of this area is that it is almost flat and so the work is facilitated. The primary function of this area is set up area for the plants. Furthermore there is a work space in witch potting work can be done.


Nowadays the assortment of the plant nursery Hofer consists of 1000 different varieties resp. species. Pleased about our motivated team and the longstanding customers we will keep innovating and producing perennials for you with a lot of enthusiasm.